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History of school

The first building of Serres 3rd Elementary School was built in 1900 by the great benefactor Gregory Rakitzis Serres.

Delivered in use in 1902.
But in 1913  was burned by the Bulgarians.

In 1914 it was rebuilt by a tobacco merchant and served as a tobacco warehouse.

In 1924 a school was handed use again.

In 1928 the southern side of the faults suffered an earthquake, was demolished and built again at the expense of the school fund.

Serres town history

The city of Serres first appears in history in the early 5th century. The Irodotosme says the name "Siris" and identify "Peonian" while their inhabitants Siropeons calls. The oldest preserved monument inscription writing "Sirraion city" is the Roman era and is located in the Archaeological Museum of Serres.

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