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ANTIRACISM weeks of football 2013

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The students of the 3rd Primary School of Serres visited Elpida Resort Hotel.

Within the context of the celebration of the World Tourism Day September 27th 2012 under the title "Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development" the students of the 3rd Pr.School of Serres in cooperation with the UNESCO group of Serres visited Elpida Resort Hotel on Thursday, September 27th and were informed by the hotel manager Mr.Ch.Konstadinidis about the everlasting and green resolutions that he practices in its function

Photos from the day are here

"The museum goes to.... school"

The 3rd Primary School of Serres has taken part in the pilot programm called  "The museum goes"heald by the  Museum of Natural History  of the Municipality of Serres.The only standard Digital School greeted the volunteers of the Museum with a special interest in the subject. The animators of the Museum were surprised by the organized electronic structure in all classes that attended with  teachers encouraging  their students and prizing them for their concerns .Question were coming doen like thick rain.They wished to get to know,about the Museum  actions  and the * Billion Tree Campaign *of the  United Nations which is about the  policy of tree about its inspirationWangari Maathai, climate change and the change of Agenda 21 to be discussed at Rio + 20 in two months.

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On Monday May 14 2012, the 3rd Primary School of Serres, Greece had the honour and luck to host representatives of the British Council in collaboration with the International Olympic Truce Centre, who presented their educational programme Imagine Peace to the students. The event took place in the school on occasion of the arrival of the Olympic Flame in the town of Serres on Tuesday, May 15. Students of the 4th, 5th and 6th grades participated in games and activities which aimed to familiarize them with the significance of the Olympic Truce, its ancient history and its modern revival. Finally, all students had the chance to talk to two Olympic champions from Serres, Mr. Yiannis Tsintsaris (weightlifting) and Mr. Apostolos Taskoudis (tae kwon do). The main message earned from this talk was a better understanding of the concept of fair play as well as all the values found in sport.
As a continuation to the above event, students of the 3rd Primary School took part in the Big Dance Schools Pledge, that is a Guinness World Record attempt for the “Largest Dance Routine – Multi-venue” at 1 p.m on 18 May 2012. The Guinness World Record took place on the same day that the Olympic Torch arrived in the U.K.



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