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School Music couplet


In a corner of the basement to the third school
laughter, songs, great joy in beating wall

And no wonder the neighbors are here conservatory?
or playground or maybe not again 'yes school?


The music room has a gkrankassa
who makes drums sound and breathtaking

Is there music, they know the children
and are always happy and a bit noisy

And with strings and percussion and technology
learn how and what, and hear from speakers

And sing at parties and playing in orchestra
We are serious and not rattle ensemble

And I'm not Cretan, but I make serenades
seemed better than the simple rows

It 'so easy to speak our hearts
and this is what I would like to know our children

Getting street and army, to open their wings
speaks to the little heart, to tell their dreams

But our words are not even enough meaningless
so we have our crafts with all their good

This wood is correct, the ministry said
put the music from the kindergarten

But our times are not enough, there are many sounds
to put them in a row requires great luck

How to manage the birds' have a lot of longing

on a pentagram and a poor guitar?



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