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Purpose and content of the day primary school


The day school has a strong educational and social content. Designed to serve high educational goals, such as the pedagogical use of afternoon time spent in school children, with full responsibility and supervision of teachers. The program includes supportive and help in Greek and mathematics, that study and prepare students for lessons the next day by a responsible teacher and not by their parents.

Under the options part of the students in courses and activities that enhance the role of the school, such as a Foreign Language, Introduction to Computer Science, Sports, dance, theater education, music and visual arts, objects that shape teaching conditions open and attractive learning environment.

To meet the day school in the above purposes, a provision for the staffing of the department's teacher (who shall prepare and extra help in Language and Mathematics), but with teachers and specialists for objects: English , Sports, Information Technology, Visual Arts, Theatre Education, Music, Dance.

From the above it is evident that the all-day answer to parents who want an organized school, supports and educates the child and woman standing next to the family, which protects your income after you remove the financial burden and care outside school find additional educational work .

Please note that next year will be taking early interventions designed to reduce glitches and problems encountered during the current year or to resolve where this is feasible.

It should be understood that the successful implementation of the program requires monitoring by all students participating in all day until it finishes at 16.00. Therefore, no requests will be accepted for early withdrawal of students, as this will result in the inability of the program and therefore the cancellation of the teaching role. The Optional supply applies to the participation of children in day school program, upon request and not an optional monitoring of the program those who have registered.

It should also be noted that the all-day program in the application utilizes a variety of alternative teaching approaches, particularly experiential form. The student participates effortlessly and pleasantly in a receptive environment for the development of specific skills. Moreover, it is pleasing to the program and not stressed students, evening hours are short (35 minutes). The day school program is designed to not cause problems and should not deprive children of basic needs, such as those of food and rest.

It is understood that during operation of the school, which implement all-day may start at 07.00 and ends at 16.00, school sites used for the purposes of the curriculum.

It follows that the institution's day school is a radical change in how we see and understand the role of the modern school.

Introduces new way of organizing the school and involves a change in the enlargement and the role ousiastikopoiisi and supply of teachers, but also the expectations of students and their parents as all-day program has the following objectives:

- Undertake the day school space where students develop cognitive skills, research, construction, cultural. At the same time they develop their personality, character, and their knowledge, "learning how to learn ',' how to accept others 'and' how to be responsible and creative."

- To build a "new" elements of the evolution of knowledge so they can meet their needs and requirements of modern knowledge society.

- To contribute to serving the family of the student and release from the care and cost of additional jobs to search the student outside the school.

-To sensitize parents and mobilize the local community organizations, achieving the "opening of school in society."

-To maintain the public character of education, through the cooperation of the entire educational community (students, teachers. Parents, local community).



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